Karolina Reš

I was born and raised in Rijeka, Croatia. After completing my studies in economics at the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, my life path, both personal and professional, continues abroad.


Astrology captures my attention and it is a source of insight. The stars also provide answers to unanswered questions.

In 2007, I encountered the original teachings of Feng Shui, recognising, with my heart and mind, its potential, strength and applicability in all segments of life.

I kept up my interest in Feng Shui with training at the Imperial School of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes in Milan and by completing my studies and passing the final exam I was awarded the title of a Feng Shui consultant.

My need to deepen my knowledge of Feng Shui led me to specialised advanced courses in Bologna, Turin and London.

In the meantime, I have discovered and learned shiatsu. Shiatsu is one of my passions and its teachings help me understand even better the energy of the space based on the meridians of the body, and their interconnectedness.

Astrology, systemic constellations (personal, family and business) and shiatsu – these are the teachings, cognitions and insights which I use when creating Feng Shui projects.

I am fluent in Croatian, English, Italian and German, and I do counselling all over the world.

Last, but not least – Stefan Vettori, Master Kajal Sheth and Grand Master Chan Kun Wah – to you go my deepest respect and gratitude – for the knowledge, transferred experience and unconditional support, and most of all because Feng Shui has become my love at first, second and third sight.




“For several years now, I have been interested in following and reading about Feng Shui home decoration. I have read various books and watched various videos on YouTube. I can say that it just confused me because I realised that it was a lot more than arranging furniture, putting figurines or paintings in some place in the apartment. I realised that this was a whole science and decided to hire a Feng Shui consultant. Through the website I came to the contact number of Mrs. Karolina Reš. Since the first conversation with Mrs. Karolina, she gained my trust . Mrs. Karolina is kind, professional, punctual and very responsible in her work. Any agreement with her went smoothly and I can say that she fully devotes herself to the client with complete care and patience. I was very impressed by the way she made the analysis and conducted the consultation and I am happy to be her client. I can sincerely recommend Karolina and I am thankful to her for everything.”

Antonia S. | Pula, Croatia

“Very concrete counselling based on visibly rich experience and understanding. Dear Karolina, thank you very much for everything!”

Siniša N. | Rijeka

“I can only recommend Mrs. Karolina Res as a Feng Shui consultant for her outstanding professionalism and total dedication to this work. She is particularly available to all customer needs and open to any question that is asked without distorting the person in front of her.
I HIGHLY recommend her as a consultant”

Francesca G. | 38, Italy

“Over the past few years, I have read a lot about Feng Shui pieces of advice and gained the opinion that it can only superficially help one to solve problems. Especially because I found contradictory information and advice in various books, and some of them seemed quite fatalistic to me. Karolina´s consultation, her professional approach and a different interpretation of things, and finally concrete pieces of advice with explanations based on experience and knowledge of the matter have greatly changed the opinion about the very effectiveness of the method. Most importantly, with small shifts and the advice that she gave, some new changes in my life began. I would certainly recommend such a professional approach and a detailed analysis of the house to anyone.”

Tomislav T – Rijeka


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