The job of the consultant consists of designing, selecting, changing and adjusting the space so that you and your space may be energetically supported.

Feng Shui counselling is used in:

  • Check-ups of residential or commercial buildings
  • The construction of a new residential or commercial building
  • The searching for and moving to a new space
  • Choosing and/or buying residential or business premises
  • The decoration and adaptation of outdoor space (gardens and house plots)
  • Choosing the dates for important events (weddings, company establishment, signing contracts, etc.)

Even if there are no problems, the consultant can, for the purpose of prevention, give advice and suggestions regarding the layout inside and outside of the premises.

On the other hand, when there have already been problems, difficulties, the lack of harmony, etc., counselling will allow us to get a true picture of the current state and the solutions that will help us overcome these difficulties. In both cases, the advisor analyses and evaluates the “quality” of the space and the possibility of its “recovery” according to the wishes, the tastes and the financial capabilities of the client.


The consultant comes to your apartment or office by appointment.

The client should have a clear idea of why he or she wants from the counselling, what problems he or she wants to solve and what he or she expects from the counselling.

It is necessary to prepare three copies of the floor plan of the interior and the exterior (if any) of the premises, as well as the dates of birth of all the family members (when the counselling is done for the living space), or the manager of the company (when the counselling is done for business premises).

After a conversation with the client, there follows a practical part in which the client no longer participates, and it consists of analysing the energies of the internal and the external space with the help of the Chinese compass (Luo Pan), a very precise tool that achieves an extremely accurate reading of the directions and energies of the object being analysed. Based on these calculations, the energetic DNA of the object is calculated.

The analysis of the space is always done during the day (in the morning and early afternoon) and it lasts from 1 to 3 hours. Based on this, energy blockages will be detected and solutions for balancing the space will be recommended.

The solutions include, for instance: the recommendation as to which room should be allocated to which family member, proper arrangement of furniture and the use of colours, the positioning of beds, desks, and so on.

In short, we are looking for solutions that will balance and use your residential or business space so that it is best suited to you, and still in accordance with your wishes. We come to the optimal solution by agreement, not by imposing a solution, i.e. not “because this and that must be done in such a way according to Feng Shui”. The solutions are not pre-programmed and extracted from a manual. They are creative, original, and flexible and, this needs to be stressed, completely different for each individual client.



In agreement with the client, and within a certain period of time, a written report of the space analysis is sent, explaining all the modifications that need to be made in order for the desired changes to occur. Sometimes changes will occur very quickly, sometimes over a certain period of time, depending on how long it takes the energy to change.

It is important to emphasise that the desired changes can occur only if the recommended modifications are put into practice. It is unrealistic to expect that the ``physical`` presence of the consultant will change the energy of the space.

Feng Shui is a method of analysing and changing energy. Sometimes we encounter factors that limit and prevent any energy change – most often due to a certain line along which the residential / commercial space lies or due to the environment that surrounds it.

In this regard, it may not be possible to find solutions that could lead to the desired changes, but the consultant may only show you why the energy changes most likely occurred. In such cases, I will advise you to seek help elsewhere.

In the end

I believe that it is important to stress that Feng Shui is not a booklet of ``recipes`` that will tell us how to get rich or how to find the ideal partner overnight, but it is a discipline that aims to help people, in a very concrete way, whether in personal or professional life, through balancing yin and yang.

My role is to advise you sincerely and in good faith, without prejudice and judgment, in order to help you, to the best of my ability, to create a ``good`` Feng Shui for all – i.e. both for the people and for the environment in accordance with the philosophy of Taoism from which it originated and which strives to establish harmony between man and nature.

Not only that: Feng Shui also means ``for man to get back to nature``, or better to say, to get back to himself.


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