To do a Feng Shui consultation purely online – is that even possible? Not really, but there may be some exceptions.

First of all, it is important to understand how a Feng Shui consultation actually works.

After an initial and preliminary discussion and appointment, the consultant takes a close look at the building, home, apartment, business premise.

It is not just about the interior, the external location (the garden, pathways, etc.) is crucial for us, too.

We examine the surrounding landscape (neighbour houses, trees, roads, perhaps also mountains and the water) accordingly.

We also want to know where the Qi, i.e. the energy, comes from and whether we are satisfied with this Qi quality or whether there is perhaps the possibility of relocating the Qi source.

We would also like to know whether there are structures that have a damaging effect on the building we are examining.

The most important measurements are made by the Feng Shui compass, known as Luo Pan. All the calculations made later are based on these measurements.

Therefore, it becomes pretty clear that the counsellor has to come to the place where he has to do the counselling. This is crucial to the whole consultation.

However, sometimes it is asked from consultants to offer advice only online.
Is that possible?
Well, it depends.


For online consultation, first-class planning material is required, i.e. floor plans,cadastral extracts and the photos of the place which must be clear and in high resolution.

If the consultant has all the material requested, he/she can give advice for simple questions, like in which colour to paint the living room, where to put a bed or a desk, this way of counselling may work.

One can certainly find online solutions for some small interventions, but for the overall analysis it is absolutely necessary for the consultant to visit the spot.

Therefore, a complete Feng Shui analysis and counselling always require the consultant to come to the site and this is definitely a better solution.

This will, of course, affect the price, but for a bad or useless advice, any price is too high.


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